Jeremy Corbyn Visits Ealing

Below are some videos documenting Jeremy Corbyn’s visit to Ealing, where he spoke on Monday 17th August. The Blind Spot went along to film the event and provided a Youtube stream and a video feed to the overspill room in the town hall where 150 people were watching, unable to fit into the main hall.

Before giving his main address inside the town hall, Jeremy Corbyn spoke briefly to the overspill room.

As has so often been the case during the Labour leadership election of 2015, venues were packed to the rafters to hear Jeremy Corbyn speak – so much so that not everyone could get a seat. Jeremy Corbyn addresses those who didn’t make it inside – and a lot of press.

These two videos (part 1 and 2) are taken from the Youtube stream of the event. Unfortunately there was a problem with the recording so the image quality is low.

After the event we interviewed Raj Gill – Unite and community activist, and event organiser. He reflects on the event, Jeremy Corbyn and the future.

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