Interview: Gabrielle Radnor – A Hearing Therapist’s Perspective

In June 2015, The Blind Spot visited the JDA (Jewish Deaf Association) in North London to interview Gabrielle Radnor, who is a qualified hearing therapist and the manager of the JDA’s Hearing Connect division. The JDA is an independent, national charity offering professional support services, information and a range of social, cultural and educational programmes to people with all levels of hearing loss, people experiencing tinnitus, their friends, families and colleagues.

Part 1: The JDA, Hearing Connect and the Services They Provide

Jump to Topic:
0:00 Introduction & Gabrielle’s role
1:22 Difficulties of hearing loss & the technology available
7:04 JDA services
12:31 Personal story
14:38 Volunteers

Part 2: The Nature of Hearing Loss, Deafblindess, Training, Signers, JDA Services & “The Cornflake Moment”

Jump to Topic:
0:10 “The Cornflake Moment”
1:56 Deafblindness
3:44 Deaf awareness training
5:00 Hearing loss explained & tips
7:36 Hearing technology
15:25 JDA services & signers

For more information on the JDA you can visit their Website, Facebook and Twitter.

If you want to get in contact by phone the number is 020 8446 0214. And the email is

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