Programming Interrupted. Service Will Resume Shortly.

Dear Reader,

Since our last post Why We’re Voting Remaina lot has happened in Britain. Despite our efforts, and those of thousands of like-minded individuals across the land, the majority of people in Britain voted to leave the EU. A chain reaction was set off which included David Cameron resigning as Prime Minister; Teresa May taking his place; and an inept and terribly timed Labour coup resulting in another leadership contest. Meanwhile across the Atlantic, despite his seemingly best efforts to torch his own campaign with one idiotic statement after another, Donald Trump still challenges an increasingly fragile looking Hillary Clinton for the US Presidency. In a race that has striking similarities to the Brexit fight, progressives are forced to support the establishment to guard against something worse. Here’s hoping Clinton’s team get their act together, and Clinton herself reaches out to the conflicted Left, instead of pandering to the corporate Right. Wishing thinking, I know.

The last few months have been a time of political turmoil the like of which I have not experienced before. It is with some sadness then that during this time The Blind Spot hasn’t been operating. Not an article, video or podcast has been posted. There has been the odd movement on Twitter and Facebook, thanks to The Blind Spot Co-Founder Hatty Sampson, but created content has been non-existent. I can assure you this is a mere hiatus and it will soon come to an end with new articles, videos and podcast episodes. We also have plans for new formats/shows, which we will be sharing details about once the preparation for these is complete.

To explain, the primary reason for The Blind Spot’s hiatus was my move from the south coast of England to Scotland. As one would imagine with such a relocation, the reasons were numerous, and they did include Brexit. Above politics and economics, however, I simply needed a new adventure.

This has complicated matters for The Blind Spot, and it has meant we now need to find new ways of working. While I will be operating from Scotland; Hatty will continue to run The Blind Spot affairs in London, with, I hope, the input from past contributors. We are now more dependent than ever on technology to achieve our objective to uncover the truth behind the headlines and to present the stories that are hidden from sight.

We remain streadfast in our mission of doing our bit for society and fighting for the rights of the disenfranchised, the abused and the forgotten.

Yours faithfully,

Rhys Bendix-Lewis
Director & Co-Founder | The Blind Spot

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