Church, Social Justice, and Community

A conversation between Lt Sam Tomlin (Salvation Army Officer) and Fr Simon Cuff (Church of England Priest) on Christianity as community in action. Subjects discussed include living wage, foodbanks, refugee welcome, theology and the relationship between politics and religion.

Jump to Topic:
0:00 General introduction
0:53 Introduction to Simon
1:34 Introduction to Sam
2:26 Salvation Army
5:53 Foodbanks & community organising
8:59 Living Wage
9:24 Catholic social teaching
10:20 Refugee Welcome
11:37 Housing
13:08 Christianity & social justice
15:04 Theology & social justice
18:44 The Church, politics and the future
25:13 Being a Christian / Closing thoughts

For more information on Living Wage, Refugee Welcome, Salvation Army, Church of England, Simon’s church Christ the Saviour, and Sam’s church Liverpool Stoneycroft, click the links.

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